The control room. This is where most of the time is spent during a session and so its naturally lit large proportions help create a relaxed atmosphere. It contains a glass fronted vocal booth, window through to live room 2 and a video link to the main live room allowing for line of sight between musicians where acoustic separation is needed.

Live room 1. This is our main live room and is suitable for recordings that require a good natural acoustic. With its irregular shaped apex roof diffusion is excellent and with all absorbtion panels removed can provide a decay time of up to 2.1 seconds.

Live room 2/rehearsal room 2. This room has a tighter dryer sound without being lifeless and works well for recordings that require little or no ambience at the recording stage. It’s window linked to the control room and doubles as a rehearsal space when the recording studio isn’t in use.

Live room 3/rehearsal room 1. Similar to room 2 it has a tight controlled acoustic and its ‘room within a room’ design makes it excellent for low level recordings. This room is housed seperately from the main studio building and is mainly used as a rehearsal space, its also useful for band members to go through their parts whilst others are recording.

Vocal booth. Situated at one end of the control room to allow for good communication between artist, engineer and other band members

We also have a kitchen and parking for several vehicles.