Frequently Asked Questions

What are your rates?

 Recording and mixing
One hour - £50
Two hours - £85
Half day (four hours) - £140
Full day (eight hours) - £280

The above prices include an engineer and all equipment

£40 per session
Please see our rehearsals page for more info

How do I book?

Contact us preferably by email and give us an outline of your needs, we can discuss time required and dates that suit you and then we’ll pencil them in the diary long enough for you to transfer a deposit to cover the session - usually 20%. Once the deposit is received we’ll confirm the dates along with any other info you need.

What equipment do you have?

Please click here for a full equipment list.

How much time will it take to record?

A reasonable question to ask but very difficult to answer with any accuracy as it depends on a few different factors i.e. song count, individual track count, production, quality required, budget etc. Please contact us so we can discuss your requirements and better answer this question.

How much time will it take to mix?

Pretty much the same answer as above. Industry standard is a day per track for a release quality mix, often longer for larger productions. We appreciate budgets don’t always allow as much time as we’d all like so we’ll do our best in the time we’re given within reason. We recommend you allocate around 50% of your budget for mixing.

What should we bring with us?

Please bring instruments, amps and effects, you are of course welcome to use any of ours but its best to discuss this before hand. We don’t carry a stock of sundry items like sticks and strings so bring any spares you may need. There’s a cafe next door but no other shops within walking distance. Please note we don’t take bank cards and can’t release recordings until full payment is received so please ensure you have either the cash or means to transfer the remainder before the end of the session.

Can you record us all playing live?


Do we have to be there for mixing?

In most situations we would have a thorough discussion prior the the mix session covering various aspects such as effects, placement and overall sound - often with references. We would then mix the track on a separate session without the band present, this allows the mix engineer to properly focus without the distraction of others in the room. We would then either email a first draught for artist feedback or arrange for a listening session. Tweaks would then be made and with everyone happy, final bounces in the relevant formats. If attending the mix is essential for the artist then we will of course accommodate, however unattended mixing does usually yeild the best and quickest results.

Do you master the mixes?

Yes in most cases unless otherwise requested we would master the mixes to -14LUFS with 2db headroom which is the current recommended standard for most streaming services like Spotify, itunes etc. With the loudness wars of the last 15 years thankfully over there is little need for overly compressed masters as the streaming services automatically compensate for differences in loudness. However if you still require loud masters or you intend to master elsewhere, let us know.

I can get a little nervous when recording…...

The psychology behind recording is one of the least talked about but perhaps most important aspects of the process, performance is everything and its pointless having a £10,000 mic if the vocalist feels too anxious to sing their best. It doesn’t matter to us if you’re a seasoned professional or if it’s your first time in a studio, you will be treated with dignity and respect, your ideas listened to and requests accomodated  wherever possible. We can provide constructive feedback whenever asked, positive encouragement whenever needed and polite deference should your artistic opinion differ with ours.

Do you offer work experience?

Unfortunately not. Our clients have expressed that they would prefer the least amount of people present when they record which we must respect.

Do I need to pay for piano tuning?

It would depend on the length of the booking. If you have booked a day or less then you would need to pay for the tuning, three or more days and we would be happy to absorb the cost. Anything in between and we would consider sharing the cost. The piano never sounds better than when its just been tuned but we maintain a general level of tuning to ensure its always ‘usable’.

Can I have the multitracks?

Yes you can take the multitracks (or stems) in either WAV, AIFF or Logic Pro format, just be aware that you’ll need a drive to put them on (allow around a gig per song for full band tracks) and that you should allow time within your session to transfer the files, requests for files after the session will incur a cost - please check T&C’s for details.

What are your Terms and Conditions?

Please click here for our terms and conditions