We run a Mac Pro Logic system with Apogee converters and an Amek Einstein desk with Genelec and Yamaha monitors. For a full equipment list either scroll down or click here, first a few of our favourites...

Central to the studio this analogue mixing desk was built during Rupert Neve’s time with Amek. The EQ is very responsive and works particulaly well with drums, the pre’s go from clean and subtle to warm and crunchy through simple gain staging.

A Designs Pacifica, a world class mic pre. Clean enough to be versatile, coloured enough to give a little character to any sound source.

Universal Audio 1176LN, one of the finest recreations of the worlds most popular compressor

Tubetech CL1B valve compressor, warm and silky smooth - perfect for female vocals

Zulu by Handsome Audio is a passive analogue tape emulator. Simply put, it just makes stuff sound nicer.

Focusrite Red 2 EQ. Clean transparent and subtle, this is an excellent alternative to the desk eq.

Original Watkins copycat tape echo, colourful vintage delay.

Faithful and highly respected recreation of the legendary U47 tube mic, this is our primary vocal mic.

Coles 4038 originally commissioned and made for the BBC. Huge sounding ribbon mic, we have a matched pair.

Sennheiser E906 mics whilst being relatively inexpensive, deserve their place here for their constant use at Ford Lane. For guitar cabs they seem to bring out the best in an amp, with very little need for eq.

Our Yamaha U3 built in the late 70’s 'golden era’ this beautiful industry standard upright piano was reconditioned in Japan. I was able to choose it out of a room of 20 U3’s and it stood out for its clear consistent tone and effortless but responsive keys.

Hammond L122 organ. Nothing sounds quite like the real thing, especially through our Leslie.

Guitars are always available for use on any session, the Gibson Les Paul is an original 1974 Custom and the Fender is an original 1970 Telecaster.

The Marshall that isn’t. The exact origins of this amp are a bit of a mystery, it’s thought to be a prototype from the early 70’s and has that lovely vintage tone similar to a JMP but with something of its own too. The Marshall logo was added by someone during its lifetime but the only other name on it is Parabol, if anyone else knows any more about this amp we’d be intrigued.

Lots of toys...

Full equipment list


Mac Pro 3,1 
Mac Pro 5,1
Uad Octo
Logic Pro X
Apogee Rosetta x 2
Motu  828
Unitor 8
Otari MTR90 mk2 (subject to prior agreement)
Revox A77


Genelec 1039B
Yamaha NS10
Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro
Beyerdynamic DT100 x 4


A Designs Pacifica
UA 1176
Tubetech CL1B
Focusrite Red 2
Handsome Audio Zulu
DBX 163
EXR exciter x 2
Drawmer LX20
Drawmer DL221
Drawmer DS201
TC Finalizer+
JSH Mini Echo Tech


Soundelux E47
Coles STC4038 x 2
AKG 414 buls x 2
Gefel M300 x 2
Neumann M147
Sennheiser E906 x 2
Beyer Dynamic M201
Wooden Blondies x 2
Sennheiser 421 x 3
Audio Technica AT25
Audix i5 x 3
Audix D6
SE4400A x 2
AKG 451E
Audio Technica 3035 x 2
Sennheiser 835 x 3
Sure sm58 x 2
Sure sm57 x 4


Yamaha U3 Piano
Hammond L122 valve tone wheel organ
Moog Grandmother Analogue Synth  
Korg Polysix Analogue Synth
Roland JX-3P Analogue Synth
Arp Odyssey Analogue Synth
Teisco 60F Analogue Synth
Korg Triton
Korg Trinity 
Fender Telecaster ’71 Guitar
Gibson Les Paul ’74 Guitar
Fender Aerodyne Bass
Premier Vibraphone
Yamaha Oak X custom Drum Kit
Yamaha Stage Drum Kit 
Mapex Pro M Drum Kit
Too many Softsynths
Various brass and wind instruments
Various percussion instruments


Marshall DSL100 JCM2000 valve head
Parabol vintage valve head
Triumph Leo vintage Valve combo
Teisco Twin 60’s valve combo
Fender Twin ‘78
Fender Deville
Peavy Ultra plus valve head
Leslie 760 rotary speaker
Peavy TNT115 Bass Combo
Ampeg B2R. Bass Head
G&K Backline 115 Bass Combo


Marshall 4x12 (we have 6 with various speaker configurations)
Peavey 410TXF bass cab
Fender Side Kick bass cab