Room 2

The room doubles as a second live room for the recording studio during the day and as with room 1, provides a tight dry acoustic without being unaturally dead helping to tame fatiguing frequencies. This room is part of the main studio, has two sofas and is closer to the kitchen facilities. 

Room size is 23 square metres

Rehearsal room 2 equipment 

TurboSound Active PA
Studio Master 8 channel mixer (4 mic channels)
3 mics, leads and stands
Yamaha Stage Custom Drum kit (drummer will need breakables - Kick pedal, snare and cymbals)
Peavey TNT115 Bass Combo 
2 4x12 marshall cabs

Guitar amps tend to get moved around between rooms but expect at least two of the following:

Marshall JCM2000 DSL100 valve head
Fender Deville
Peavey Ultra Plus Valve head
Marshall AVT50H
Fender Twin
Teisco Valve combo